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On-Demand Webinar

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Merchant Centric Insights
Merchant Centric Insights
Merchant Centric Insights

Enjoy this on-demand webinar of How Restaurant Leaders Use Data to Drive Success. Hear from industry executives Laura Purser, VP Marketing for Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Hal Lawlor, COO of Smokey Bones, along with Merchant Centric, as they discuss:

  • Data insight on guest satisfaction for the Restaurant industry and segments
  • Leaderships' experience leveraging guest feedback and how it has helped their brand
  • See which key themes are driving industry success and challenges
  • How brands are using data for benchmarking and identifying focal points that drive growth
Access now and receive your FREE copy of The Restaurant Industry Guest Satisfaction & Opinions Report



Rom Krupp

Founder & CEO


Rom is a pioneer, disruptor, visionary, and thought leader in the restaurant industry. For more than 25 years, he has worked with over 500 restaurant brands, designing technology and analytic solutions. His passion is to help drive growth in the restaurant industry while maintaining a purpose-driven culture.



Laura Purser

Vice President of Marketing

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Laura has over 20 years of proven experience developing and executing sales to build successful brands. Laura’s strategic leadership in building relationships and company culture have helped position Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to succeed during the most challenging times.


Hal Lawlor

Chief Operating Officer

Smokey Bones

Helping grow Smokey Bones since 2019, Hal has extensive experience in the casual dining industry. He previously worked in senior Operations positions for Red Lobster and PF Chang’s. To lead growth and innovation, Hal credits cultivating high-performance teams while leveraging data and technology.


Connie Shelton

Chief Client Success Officer

Merchant Centric

Connie has a passion for helping business executives generate revenue using a distinctive blend of analytical insights, business strategy, and promotional-mindedness to support operations, marketing, and customer service teams. Growing up in family-owned and operated businesses allows her to understand the challenges business executives face.


Adam Leff


Jefferies Research

Co-founder of Merchant Centric and leader of its Insights group, Adam is dedicated to helping Restaurants leverage technology and data to build successful brands. His passion for the finding meaningful application of data has spanned his leadership career including at Realtor.com, LATimes.com and Chemical Bank.