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On-Demand Webinar

What 24 Million Restaurant Guests Said About 2020:
The National Restaurant Report
Presented By:
Merchant Centric Insights
Merchant Centric Insights

Enjoy this on-demand webinar presented by Merchant Centric, together with Results Thru Strategy, and Jefferies Data Strategy for Equity Research. We will discuss guest sentiment for the restaurant industry, the Coronavirus pandemic impact, and what 24 million guests said are the Key Themes driving changes in sentiment.

In this on-demand webinar, we will:

  • Answer the question of how big the impact of COVID-19 was on the restaurant industry and the level of recovery
  • Discuss how COVID-19 changed guest sentiment and its influence on Loyalty & Referral and whether it will last
  • Identify which Restaurant Cuisines fared better or worse in Guest Sentiment and why
  • Cover how restaurant brands can use guest feedback to increase sales
  • Address your questions on what’s most important now
All who view the on-demand webinar will receive a FREE copy of The 2020 National Restaurant Data Report



Fred LeFranc


Founding and managing partner of RTS. His team of restaurant/hospitality and technology specialists collaborate with entrepreneurs, investors and C-suite execs to optimize every aspect of an organization.


Adam Leff

Merchant Centric

Co-founder of Merchant Centric and leader of its Insights group. Adam helps Restaurant brands take advantage of online and social media to identify what matters most to drive loyalty and build sales.


Mike Lukianoff


Mike is an expert in data science and predictive analytics. Many of his patented inventions, processes and methods have become industry standards particularly related to pricing, menu management and site forecasting.


Rayne Gaisford

Jefferies Research

Rayne and his global team advise investment professionals on the integration of data (alternative and traditional), data science frameworks, analytic tools and quantitative methods within their fundamental processes.