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To help assess the impact of Covid-19 on the entire Restaurant Industry, Merchant Centric has examined the monthly Rating Trend for all restaurants and all guest reviews for 2020. That includes feedback from more than 24 million restaurant guests. And since different restaurant cuisines perform differently, we have also broken out the performance of the top 20 restaurant cuisine categories as well. 


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  • Will re-openings hurt sales of restaurant groups that benefited from closures?
  • How will inflation and price/value factors help or hurt different restaurant groups?
  • Will restaurant groups that benefited from closures be able to make up the guest satisfaction gap?
  • How will 2020 guest experiences affect guest behavior in 2021?
  • How will the Restaurants industry recover from the low marks for Staff when hiring is harder and more expensive?
  • Will delivery become an even bigger factor for non-traditional delivery groups?
  • Will new openings beat legacy guest satisfaction experiences and take share?
  • Which regions and concepts will fare best under these competitive circumstances?

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